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The idea for an on-line sexy high heel website was formed in 2000 when our founder, Steve Rounds, spent several days driving around Orange County, California looking for a unique pair of 6 inch platform heels for his girlfriend. None of the major retail stores carried what he was looking for, and after visiting three major malls, he found himself in one of those little retail shops off Main Street that sells what many people consider 'embarrassing things' alongside a very small collection of platform high heels. After visiting a few other similar stores he discovered the same limited selection of high heels and he went home to search on-line for what he was looking for.

Steve was able to locate a few websites with a larger selection of platform heels - but they were very slow and difficult to navigate. He tried contacting a few of the sites by phone with no luck - the phone rang unanswered or went immediately to a voicemail system. At this point he did not feel confident enough to type in his credit card information and he gave up on his search. He figured there must be a better solution...
After a few months of researching high heel manufacturers, he called his IT savvy brother, Jason Rounds with his vision and the two of them brainstormed together. The idea was simple - To create an easy to navigate site with the largest selection of sexy high heels available that would be shipped quickly and discreetly. ExoticHighHeels.com was soon created, and no more visits to those 'embarrassing shops' would be necessary for anyone searching for a unique pair of sexy high heels.

Our storefront has come a long way since 2001. While our sexy collection of 6 inch platform sandals is still our largest and most popular selection, we have kept up with major fashion trends by expanding our styles to include high heels from 3 inches to a towering 11 inches; boots and booties in all heights and styles; Steampunk and Alternative Gothic shoes; timeless retro Pinup heels; and a collection of Halloween and Costume shoes for men and women that is unmatched in its variety and selection.

With a current offering over 4,000 styles of in-stock sexy high heels and boots from size 5 up to size 16 including wide width and wide calf styles, we are always searching for new sexy, glamorous and fun shoes for you to add to your collection.
A note from your Shoe Diva Stylist - Susan Rounds
Welcome to ExoticHighHeels! As your Shoe Diva Stylist, I am here to present you with the most unique selection of provocative heels and alternative footwear that is flirty, fashionable and fun. Every woman knows that the right shoes complete the outfit and can set the tone in so many different ways. Slip on something fabulous and show the world your own unique style!

I am excited to share with you our collection of styles for every occasion and hope that you are inspired to try something fresh and new. In the meantime, I will continue searching for new glamorous high heels and trend setting designs to bring you personal style to the next level. And remember - Cinderella is proof that a pair of shoes can change your life!
Thank you for shopping with us!
Steve & Susan Rounds & The Entire Team @ ExoticHighHeels.com